Christoph Raiwa

25 years Expertise and Responsibility


The establishment of the DGW „German Corporation for Recycling“ in 1992 was the answer to the pressing problems of our time. Production and consumption in our sophisticated industrial society required the search for environmental waste disposal and recycling options.

“Avoid instead of Throwing Away – Recycling instead of Disposal”

The growing awareness of environmental issues in our population is an important prerequisite for future-oriented solutions; however, organizational vigor and consistency need to be added. Only then can our natural resources be preserved. This is also valid in the fashion industry.
The German Corporation for Recycling mbH – Shoes and Textiles ( DGW ) addressed it task to develop and implement professional concepts in the special field of waste management.

We are proud of the achievements we have reached so far in the realization of these projects.

Christoph Raiwa
Managing Director

Scope of business:

  • Disposal concepts for the fashion sector
  • European collection systems for indoor / outdoor
  • Organization, implementation and controlling for consignment of goods, transport routes and stockings
  • sorting and recycling of materials

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